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Web Design From Concept to Reality

Web Design From Concept to Reality

Alpine Design Group offers the latest trends in web design with the features and usability your business demands. We build all websites with the latest code optimized for display, conversions and SEO. Our sites focus on clean responsive design that will adjust to mobile phones and tablets that is years ahead of the curve. Our experience in conversion optimization helps you get the most out of your website by improving your visitors experience and leading them to the desired result, whether that be a phone call or a sale.

Complete Approach to Web Design, Not Just Pretty Colors

Web design is not just flashy graphics and pretty pictures, it is the journey that is traveled from the concept phase to the final design. Like any great endeavor, a website must start with a rock solid plan. We begin every project with a client interview to learn as much as possible about their business and their customers. To create a high quality site, you must first understand the potential visitor to it. If you understand the website user, you can predict their actions and lead them more efficiently to the information or product they are seeking. The websites we build are carefully laid out with attention to detail and are far more than just pretty colors.

Great Design Begins with Great Software

Perhaps the most important step after determining the needs of a client’s website is pairing the correct software with those needs. Do you need a shopping cart? Or perhaps a blog with an RSS feed? Every business has different requirements and there is no one size fits all solution. That is why we are familiar with many different platforms and constantly test them to make sure they can fill the needs of our clients. We are not only expert coders in HTML, CSS, PHP and Java Script but we also understand and further develop the following platforms:

  • Opencart
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Zen Cart

Modern and Responsive for the 21st Century

Since the devices we use to search the internet are rapidly changing, the coding and website structure must also change to keep up with technology. Responsive website design has never been as important as it is today. Responsiveness is the ability for a website to adjust to the screen size of the device used. Responsive sites will appear different from desktop to tablet to smartphone. This is done using CSS stylesheets that change the size of the containers content and images appear in.

Not only does a website need to be responsive but it must also reflect the latest in web design trends. The use of stylesheets and flat design are very common. If your website is outdated, your customers will notice and lose confidence in your company. Your website is your face to the internet and an outdated site portrays an outdated company that is out of touch with the rest of the world. If you want to compete with the rest of the world, you need a world class website.

Local SEO Services and Web Marketing

Local SEO Services and Web Marketing

SEO is the process of making your website more desirable in the eyes of Google with the goal of ranking higher in the search results through a variety of techniques. There are many factors that Google and other search engines take into consideration when determining where to place your website in the search results. The main factors are highlighted in the info-graphic to the left. Alpine Design’s Buffalo SEO experst can develop a strategy to strengthen these main areas.

SEO Tuned Design

The overall design and page structure of a site is very important to search engines when determining rank. The site must be written in the latest coding standards and created with the correct elements. Responsive sites are now given precedence over non-responsive sites to appease Google’s quest to find sites that offer the best user experience. Every site we design is responsive making it friendly to smartphone and tablet users. Let the best Buffalo SEO firm quote you today.

HTML and Keywords

HTML stands for HyperText Mark-up Language and is the main source code used in web design. The code must be written in compliance with the latest standards and include all of the necessary elements for proper SEO. Alpine Design Group tunes the elements in every site it builds to best reflect your keywords using H1, H2, H3, image alt tags, proper meta tags and proper use of stylesheets and scripts.

We will also tune the content of your site for the proper keyword densities. How do we know what keywords to use? We have software that extracts from Google the best keywords for your website based on user search data compiled by the search engines.

Content and Blog

The number one rule in Search Engine Optimization is: Content is Key. Most of the main content needs to be provided by the client  but we guide you on creating the right content the first time and then hand it over to our content writers to fine tune it for maximum benefit. If you wish, our team of content writers will create custom content for your site.

Great content does not end with your about us page. We recommend you keep your site dynamic so visitors and search engines keep coming back. We can do this by attaching a blog to your site and having our content writers post relevant articles on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. A blog platform is also a great way to keep your customers up to date of your company news.


Backlinks were once the mightiest force in SEO but recent changes have made them less relevant. Years of abuse have cause the major search engines to discount their importance. We do offer link building packages but prefer to focus on the more important aspects such as content and social media. Social Media is beginning to take the place of linking and we want to make sure you stay ahead of the trend instead of trying to catch up.

Logo Creation and Graphics Design

Logo Creation and Graphics Design

Custom graphics design and an eye catching logo are immensely important when creating a website. These elements engage visitors in their own unique way. Quality graphics must portray the concept behind a page without the web user having to read a single word. Studies have shown that when someone views a website, they have an impression of what the site is about within the first 1/10 of a second! A logo must stand out on the page and be as memorable as possible. When someone thinks of a company, the logo is the image they see in their mind.

Graphics Design

Graphics design begins in the concept stage before a webpage is created.  Once the initial concept of the website is created, our team of graphics designers begin their rough draft of a graphic set for the site. This graphic set may include:

  • Logo
  • Background images
  • Stock Photos
  • Banner ads
  • Slideshow Slides
  • Icon sets

A typical site includes about 30 images, vectors and icons. All of these must be cropped and recomposed before installed on the site. Our graphics designers painstakingly craft each image to best convey the concepts and goals of your site. Once we come up with a concept for the graphics of the site, we work closely with the client to make sure they address the needs of the site and make any needed changes during the development phase.

When ordering custom graphics for your site, please offer as many details as possible before we create them. They are very time consuming and usually cannot be changed like text can be and are often scrapped and re-done if needed.

Logo Creation and Icon Design

Perhaps the most important element  of graphics design is logo creation. The logo is your business’s face to the world. Alpine Design Group has skilled logo designers with collectively 1000’s of logos created. It is our goal to design a logo that “speaks” for your company. It’s elements should stand out with custom fonts, colors and icons to properly represent your company.

A custom icon set is a great way to add additional depth to your site. Icons are primarily used to represent categories, pages or other important areas of your site. We have access to a vast selection of stock icons or can create custom ones as needed.

Content is King and Marketing it is Key

Content is King and Marketing it is Key

Creating great content is the key to any great website and without content marketing, it will never bee seen. Great content must be written in a way to engage your audience, entertain them and give them a sense of value after reading it. It is recommended that each client write their own website copy because lets face it, you know your business best. Sometimes, our clients cannot write their own copy due to time constraints or other factors so our staff of professional copywriters can craft a unique copy on any topic.

Content is Not Just Limited to a Great Story

This is the 21st century and the days of text based websites are over. Welcome to Web 2.0 where anything goes. Our definition of content has evolved from just text to an entire array of media. Videos, images, infographics and feeds have all become part of our lexicon of great content. When Alpine creates quality content, it’s not just a well worded copy, we provide the stock images, embedded video or any other media that will enhance your visitors experience.

All of this interactive media is not meant to detract from a great copy, but enhance it. Your copy must still have all the characteristics of a great story but still needs an additional layer that is unseen by the average user. This is the SEO factor. Not only must your copy read well, it needs a little tuning for that little extra edge of being indexed high in the search results. Every copy is written with a keyword in mind and the densities of it and related keywords are carefully tuned to give you the best SERP as possible.

Content Marketing – Build Your Audience – Get Ranked

Like a great work of art, great content needs to draw an audience and an audience is drawn to great content. Having a dynamic blog with a steady stream of content is a great way to bring visitors to your website using a wide variety of keywords. One of our specialties is blog management and content generation to index your website and provide your visitors with lots of great reading material. A dynamic blog is one of the most effective content marketing strategies and we can develop it to enhance your website and grow your visitor base. The SEO value of a great blog is massive since it provides the search engines with index-able content and readers will often link to it helping to build your link profile.

Contact us to learn more about our content generation and content marketing strategies.