Logo Creation and Graphics Design

Logo Creation and Graphics Design

Logo Creation and Graphics Design

Custom graphics design and an eye catching logo are immensely important when creating a website. These elements engage visitors in their own unique way. Quality graphics must portray the concept behind a page without the web user having to read a single word. Studies have shown that when someone views a website, they have an impression of what the site is about within the first 1/10 of a second! A logo must stand out on the page and be as memorable as possible. When someone thinks of a company, the logo is the image they see in their mind.

Graphics Design

Graphics design begins in the concept stage before a webpage is created.  Once the initial concept of the website is created, our team of graphics designers begin their rough draft of a graphic set for the site. This graphic set may include:

  • Logo
  • Background images
  • Stock Photos
  • Banner ads
  • Slideshow Slides
  • Icon sets

A typical site includes about 30 images, vectors and icons. All of these must be cropped and recomposed before installed on the site. Our graphics designers painstakingly craft each image to best convey the concepts and goals of your site. Once we come up with a concept for the graphics of the site, we work closely with the client to make sure they address the needs of the site and make any needed changes during the development phase.

When ordering custom graphics for your site, please offer as many details as possible before we create them. They are very time consuming and usually cannot be changed like text can be and are often scrapped and re-done if needed.

Logo Creation and Icon Design

Perhaps the most important element  of graphics design is logo creation. The logo is your business’s face to the world. Alpine Design Group has skilled logo designers with collectively 1000’s of logos created. It is our goal to design a logo that “speaks” for your company. It’s elements should stand out with custom fonts, colors and icons to properly represent your company.

A custom icon set is a great way to add additional depth to your site. Icons are primarily used to represent categories, pages or other important areas of your site. We have access to a vast selection of stock icons or can create custom ones as needed.

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