A Facebook and social media marketing campaign

is an effective way to drive customers to your business


Facebook and Social Media Campaign Management

A social media or Facebook marketing campaign uses highly targeted ads to drive customers to a specially tuned landing page on your website. Pay per click prices on social media are generally lower and conversion rates are higher than other PPC giving you instant results and a higher return on investment.

Instant results 65%
Targeted Audiences 88%
High ROI 79%

Instant results

No need to wait months or years for your SEO efforts to pay off. A Facebook marketing campaign will yield instant results since you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Also, brand recognition is built the moment your ad goes live.

Targeted Audiences

Social media is a treasure trove of user data allowing our ad specialists to specifically target your potential customers. Using user data, we can place relevant ads in front the people who are most likely to use your product or service.

High ROI

With highly targeted ad placement, conversion rates are generally higher and click cost lower than other PPC marketing. On-going metrics tracking and landing page tuning will yield higher results driving an increased return.

Did you know?

There are more benefits than just Website Visits

SEO Benefits

Creating content on social media will encourage social shares, likes and backlinks which factor in search engine rank according to Google.

Brand Recognition

Even those that don’t click your ad still see it. This helps build brand recognition that may lead to increased sales further down the road.

Email Lead Capture

When a lead leaves an email, it is an opportunity to build your email list and market to them in future email campaigns.

Why it Works

Creating a successful campaign


The first step to any successful Facebook marketing campaign is to define your target audience. This means determining the needs of your customer and find common traits among them that we can target through the advanced data available from social media.


If you are going invest time and money in driving traffic to your website, the visitor’s first impression is the most important. The page they land on must give them the information or guide them to the information that captures a lead or sale. Landing pages drive conversions.


Depending on your budget, multiple ads are created using eye catching graphics and attention grabbing calls to action. Each ad uses a different tagline and image. They may target different landing pages, different audiences or sometimes both.


Everything is tracked from clicks to visits to conversions. This allows your campaign to evolve by allocating the PPC funds to the most effective ads. Each month we will create new ads, drop lesser performing ads and tweak landing pages to maximize your campaign.

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