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    Our analysis will cover all aspects of your web presence from your current website design, structure and conversion capabilities to social media and search engine performance. The analysis will provide you with a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your current website compared to your competitors within organic and local search results.

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    We will offer recommendations on how to fix or improve your website

    Suggestions will outline how to create a modern, mobile friendly website that is easy to use by both you and your customers that improves user experience and converts more of your visitors into buyers.

    We will show you the necessary steps to increase your website traffic, build brand awareness, manage your online reputation and retain customers using social media and local search engine optimization techniques.

    What is Covered?

    Details of Your Report


    The first section of your report will cover your website in depth. It will assess the platform and technology used as well as it friendliness to mobile devices. We will analyze the site structure for ease of use and visitor flow and verify the presence of conversion elements to increase sales.


    This section includes an assessment of some of the factors that determine organic search engine placement including on-page elements like meta tags, headings and keyword density. We will also take a look at some of your inbound link popularity and other external factors.


    Are you showing up in the local search results? Probably not if you are not listed in the proper directories or your information is incorrect. We will check to see if updates are needed. While we’re at it, we will check your reputation on some of the popular review sites and offer suggestions on how to improve if needed.


    People are talking about you and it is on social media. It is essential you have a presence here with a business page. We check to see you are set up correctly and offer suggestions on how to improve your standing and even use social media to grow your business and manage your reputation.

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